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Accepting global responsibility, you will need a globally working solution for global risks. Greensurance® offers insurance solutions to internationally active companies facing their global obligation against people and environment.

Within the framework of a centralized insurance program, all your necessary country specific needs and coverage are integrated and managed via a master policy.

That offers big advantage for your company: with this international approach you will compensate local deviations in coverage  and, at the same time, minimize your risk and receive transparency in your obligations adapting your payment to your needs.
For the handling of this business, Greensurance® cooperates with underwriters specialized in the structuring of international insurance programs. They have the skills, the knowledge and also the experience it takes to create a tailored program facing your individual needs.

The international insurance program covers all kind of property, casualty and third party as well as transportation and cargo insurances.

And even more. Additionally you have

  • GAP analyses and their coverage
  • Loss or damage Management
  • Captive services
  • Risk engineering

Efficiency and sustainability

According to the extension of your business, your own personal assistant from Greensurance® supports you.
And more over, we offer a special consulting service regarding efficiency and sustainability. This covers the balance in your company concerning the fields of

  • economy
  • ecology
  • social needs

We are interested in your success story and will discuss further improvement with you.

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